Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's been a long time between blog posts.

The last year has gone by quickly and the blog lay dormant while we planted, weeded, and harvested in 2011. I am going to try and be diligent about posting this year.

We had our annual heirloom seed sale yesterday and it was encouraging to see all the people who showed up to purchase seeds and sit in on our programs. More than 160 people came out. We sold a lot of seed packets and almost all of the seed catalogs are gone. We still have a great variety of seeds left and some Baker Creek and Select Seed catalogs available, so stop by the BCCD office.

Boone County Master Gardener Mitzi Kelley gave another fantastic program on Organic Gardening. She is so knowledgable and we appreciate her doing this program for us each year. You always learn something new from her, even if you have been to her presentation before.
Aaron Minson, Boone County County Conservation District Prairie Restoration Specialist, gave a really interesting presentation on the preservation work done at BCCD and gave tips for using native plants in home landscaping. He talked about the preservation goats that BCCD uses (learn more about them at the BCCD website) and had a really great power point presentation.

Space was tight in the Roger Gustafson Nature Center as people poured in to browse the seed boxes and purchase their packets of seeds. Coyote kept watch over the event and made sure that everyone got their free seed catalogs before they left.

With the sale behind us, we will be out in the greenhouse getting ready to start sowing seeds for this year. First to be planted will be the leeks. I can't wait to get my hands dirty again!

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