Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cooking 1800's Style

On June 9th BCCD will be having a wood stove cooking class. I really like cooking in the cabins on the wood burner so I thought I would teach a class on how Great Grandma prepared her meals.  I am using recipes from the Heritage Gardens Cookbook and we will be preparing meals that represent each of the 5 heritage gardens.  Unfortunately because of the size of the cabin I am having to limit the class to 10 people.  Since everyone else can't come I will publish pictures and recipes from the class for several weeks after the class.

Until then I am going to share pages from an 1800's cookbook I own. The previous owner, Stella O'Brien, was a postmistress, (where I do not know but most likely somewhere in Illinois), and had sewn in and pinned and handwritten recipes, and household hints into the published pages of the cookbook.

Below is a page that has a cure for Rheumatism and a receipt or recipe for Chilla Sauce.

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